Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Vintage Photo at Pavilion Beach

From left to right: Julius Bohl, Elmer Braaten, Marion Otterdahl, Evelyn Bohl, Alvin Stenbeck, Laura Stenbeck, Edna Johnson, John Johnson. 

What Joanne remembers and has told her daughter Tammy:
“This picture would have been taken in probably 1958 or thereabouts. It was taken at a lake, so probably was at the Pavilion Beach. Aunt Laura and Edna Johnson had bathing suits on. My mom had her purse on her arm as always (like Sophia from the Golden Girls!). There would have been a wiener roast for supper."
 Grandpa Otterdahl took the picture: Dad says that was probably the day there is footage on my dad's home movies of Grandpa Bohl in my dad's boat. Grandpa Bohl did not like water and he seems pretty stiff on the video!”

My grandparents are Edna and John, on the far right. I'm said to be Edna's spittin' image, and in this picture I can almost see it, except for her darker hair. - K., a.k.a. Stubblejumpin' Gal

Thanks  for  posting  the  picture  on  your  blog ..... You  really  are  a  lot  like  Edna...even  moreso  in  your  "ways " !!! Very  special  ladies .

I don't have many memories of her since I was only 6 when she died, but of the few, there is one of her doing her hair while seated in front of one of those fancy little dressers with the mirrors that all the ladies had. Grandma's bedroom was in the middle of their house, which I still remember of course in a lot of detail, as I spent so many winter afternoons there, playing cards with Grandpa and drinking hot chocolate.

Looking forward to the next one,