Friday, August 19, 2016


Scott tells me that our "new" tomcat/barncat caught "the rabbit." Which rabbit? The leftovers in the barn were those of an adult, that's all he knows. I haven't seen the squirrel again, and it's the squirrel that motivated me to get moving on acquiring a cat.

KitKat, or so I call him, is starting to own the place. I've seen him twice on the front lawn, and hope he'll start hunting the mole(s) that pushes up mounds of soil on the grass.

He's looking much better nowadays; lost his "hair saddle."

  • Love seeing the inside of your office, that's a truckload of papers, you guys are doing well!!

    The newspaper has been serving this area since 1908 so is well established. The number of subscribers has decreased over the past decade as the rural population is less concentrated than it once was. There used to be "a family on every quarter-section." Now you can drive for miles without seeing a farmyard, as the size of farms has grown and so has the size of machinery. We often blame newspaper troubles on the internet but the fact is that specifically local news here isn't to be found on the internet, so we still have our faithful readers.

  • you had me at 'a sweater and a down vest on the chair!"

  • Absolutely makes sense to me that a gal needs to keep warm when sitting much of the day. And both front and back doors are often open so there is a draft, to which I am susceptible. I'm the Princess and the Pea of breezes.