Monday, May 9, 2016

Missing Monte

We were parked down by Monte's place while Scott did what he could to take apart a beaver dam one evening.

This past January was two years since our friend and neighbour Monte died suddenly. He worked for a farmer just north of our place, and often drove past me when he was on his way to or from the field or the shop where they worked on machinery, repairing or getting it field-ready. When Monte wasn't in a hurry, he'd stop and chat for a few minutes. We'd known each other since we were teenagers; and Monte and Scott had been neighbours and friends since they were little boys. 

One time Monte said, "No one would miss me if I was gone tomorrow."

"That's not true, Monte!" I told him.

And it isn't true, either. We think of him often and we do miss him.

Monte's road; click to enlarge.

The dam is about two feet high.

Scott got the water flowing, but by early next morning the beavers had it dammed up again.

You Comment, I Reply

Wisewebwoman has left a new comment on your post "Lost Day": 
I just had one myself, a bad attack of IBS when I was planning on shopping for groceries and urgencies. Slept 3 hours solid in the afternoon, unplanned days off, feel much better now and hope you do too, so sorry you missed the theatah.

Yep, right back to normal the next morning. It's good to be alive and feeling normal, ain't it?  Glad you've improved too.


Annette Erickson has left a new comment on your post "Lost Day": 
It is beautiful and your pic shows it. I have a good idea of the sound effects so I can hear them just by looking at the picture. 

I just love it. Sounds like being in the jungle!  No monkeys screeching, no lions roaring, no elephants trumpeting, but so many different birds ... not to mention the frogs ... it's quite heavenly.


Teresa has left a new comment on your post "Lost Day": 
Sorry to hear of your troubles and missing out on the fun. Hope you are feeling better. 

Good as new. Well, almost. Woke up "neckish" this morning (Mon.) but it looks like it's going to smarten up. Fingers crossed.