Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Rosebud Hall

This little country hall is one mile from our place, as the crow flies.

It was built in 1937 or so, but is still in use for community events.

We attended a wedding there last month.

When the DJ started playing Nazareth's version of "This Flight Tonight," my dance partner made some remark about the song and I said "Joni wrote it." He thought I was kidding. 
I thought, You've Been My Sweetie for 14 Years and You Think I Am Kidding?! 
I said, Damn Right. 
He gave me that look. You know, the one that means he thinks I am deluded. But dammit, he wouldn't bet me any cash! I proved it the next morning and couldabin 50 bucks richer.

And here's Nazareth: