Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wildlife Filmographer. Not.

This cow moose was waiting patiently north of the driveway for me to walk with her. (A girl can dream.)
Now I know: when the dog is barking, it's not at moose or deer. It's likely at coyotes.
Both dogs went running to see what this was, but neither of them made a sound. I guess they figured out it wasn't the livestock they're accustomed to.
You will hate me because the camera gets all shook up, but I walked forward to see if I could get a better video. I promise next time I'll stand still:

The two of them made a wide half-mile arc through the field to go around me, and I turned and walked south, my usual route this fall. Someone was in the field on a quad, taking up electric fence, so the moose turned back toward the road and crossed it ahead of me.

They're not as close as they look. I zoomed in with the camera.