Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Whose Path is This?

This is the last of the dry brown photos for this season. (You're welcome!) The leaves started coming out last week and since we have had rain that started yesterday, the green things are really cookin' out there. Soon the bush will be filled in and it will be more difficult to see these well-hidden paths that the wildlife use.

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You Comment, I Reply


Maggie Turner on "Missing Monte": 
Monte's Road is interesting, as I think of where you live as perfectly flat! Those beaver dams, they were a real issue for my Grandpa in the north, flooded fields. The beavers sure work fast! 

Most people picture Saskatchewan as flat and, granted, there is plenty of flat land, especially further south in the province. Where I live, the land undulates. How to describe it? It's flattish overall, but when you look more closely you see that it's not really flat. 
People who come here from B.C., for instance, don't seem to notice that. To them it looks flat — which makes some sense, in comparison to places that have mountains and serious hills. Considering that most people who travel through Saskatchewan use Highway #1, the TransCanada, which cuts across the flat fields in the south, one can't blame them for not knowing that the geography across the province is varied. We have the Cypress Hills, the Qu'Appelle Valley, the Moose Mountains — gorgeous gentle valleys — and much more. Not far north of here is the beginning of the tree line, and not far from there are forests and rocks and lakes galore.


Monte's Road threw me back about twenty odd years, I would walk such a road with my friend Burt who died, oh 15 maybe years ago now. Burt thought he was invisible too, he so very wasn't. Like Monte.


Maybe it's not unusual to think we don't matter much to other people. Maybe lots of times, too, we don't realize how much another person matters to us until we are losing or have lost them.