Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Other Side of 60

Where on Earth did I first discover Wise Web Woman? At the moment I've no idea. I only know that when I see she has updated, I'm there reading, right now. Why? Because she's a fabulous writer, of course, but that's not all. It takes more than authorial skill to keep my wandering attention. But what is it? It's so difficult to describe what it is about someone's internet presence that grabs and keeps me. Maybe it's because she lives in Newfoundland, a place I've never been, and so I get to see it and its people vicariously. Maybe it's because she's an Irish immigrant and I imagine hearing the Irish in her voice when she writes. Maybe it's because she's had an eventful life and my favourite writing is autobiographical and Wise Web Woman has a lot to say. Other than that, maybe part of it is that Wise Web Woman seems like a kindred spirit. I mean, when I read her answer to Question #5, I thought: That's very similar to my idea of the holiday I hope to take before I die! You know, there are some people who, when they write, make you feel like you could knock on their kitchen door and sit right down and have coffee with them for an hour — every day. That's Wise Web Woman for me, and here are her answers to my 5 questions:

1. What flowers, if any, will you plant this spring?
None, soil poor I am alive with forget-me-nots and dog-roses which delight me. All over the meadow. I did plant lupines 2 years ago.

2. Do you have a #1 must-see, can't-wait-till-later blog right now (not a relative or close friend, though it can be themed and does not have to be a personal blog; of course, my blog is disqualified so my feelings cannot be hurt -- hee!), and why does it keep you coming back for more?  

Ok apart from yours? It would have to be "Going Gently". - life in a small village, animal lover, small farm, good cook, emergency room nurse, gossipy.

3. What are your other common stopping places on the Internet? Please list up to five and give me their urls. I'm sure you've got at least that many. 

(1) Hattie always good politically and ceramically (!) (2) Time Goes By - brilliant on the aging process (3) Yarn Harlot - what can I say, I love her and her knitting and her books (4) Arts & Letters Daily (5) My journey to mindfulness - gentle musings from an 80+ lady whom I adore. + various political, newsy stuff.

4. When you go to a potluck meal, do you have a best dish that you usually take? If so, what is it and do you share your recipe? If so, please do.

My potluck can be chili, Irish lasagna, an orange chicken thingie on a rice bed. None of which I've written down but I will oh hang on - here's my chili recipe :

5. What's your idea of a fabulous holiday? Is it one you have already taken, or one you hope to take before you die?

My ideal holiday would be to go off with 3 or 4 good friends, rent a house for a month in New Mexico or Portugal - in February - and everyone have sketchpads and crafts and a laptop for writing and have a 4 hour dinner every night in candlelight and talk about our days.

Go and bookmark THE OTHER SIDE OF SIXTY for yourself.
And WWW, thank you for these great-looking links! I'll be checking them out, for sure, as soon as we get a rainy Sunday morning here.

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Maggie Turner on "Ugliest Ashtray Contest": 
Kate, I had one that rivals your specimen, but it is gone, and in a way I'm glad, because I made it myself. Not all creative efforts result in beauty, but I had to find that out for myself. That ashtray is resting somewhere in someone's home, or in a landfill site. 

Beauty and ugliness are both in the eye of the beholder, but let's face it, the beholder's tastes change. In my twenties I bought my mother a set of ceramic mugs and matching coffee pot that I thought were the most beautiful works of art. Twenty years later I could not figure out why I ever thought they were worthy of my mother's kitchen. UG. LY.