Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Old becomes New

In Newsweek, there is an article about wall panels painted by Duncan Grant; they were recently found behind wallpaper in a building in London.

The article provides considerably more information about people he was associated with and their influence on the world at the time, and the world today.

Here's the article; click here: BURIED BLOOMSBURY BOUNTY

F#!K Poachers and the Horse They Rode in On

This is the stop sign at the highway north of Kuroki.

We all abhor poachers.

Sometimes people — we don't call them hunters; hunters behave responsibly (if eating animals is responsible, and that's a whole other subject) shoot large quantities of migrating geese and leave them in a pile, rotting in a field. We never seem to catch these guys, which is too bad. They are the kind of people who deserve 1000 lashes in public; not people like the guy in Saudi Arabia who's being whipped because the government doesn't like what he published on his website/blog.

Okay; not really. But the consequences should be severe.

I was probably on my way to Margo. There are various routes to see the "rellies."

It was fall, I think. Or could it have been spring? Looks like stubble so let's say fall.