Monday, June 29, 2009

Luscious Lovely Lilacs

If you have no lilacs outside your door, I pity you. Poor baby.

I've got your share. There are two long rows of mature bushes lining the lawn and garden and one single fancy lilac tree next to the back door. The yard is fragrant with them right now, such that I have difficulty tearing myself away when it's time to go to the office. The blooms won't last long. Thank goodness the evenings have been warm enough to open up all the windows and breathe deeply.

This year I didn't get sweetpeas planted. They are another of my favourites so I hope I am able to pick a few in bloom from someone else's patch. They smell divine.

The boys are getting their laundry done in preparation for packing. We'll be heading for Edmonton within the next day or two and they'll spend the month of July with their dad.