Tuesday, December 11, 2012

That Darn Star Again

For two voices ... Karen! Oh, Karen! Get over here!

You people are so darn lucky to have me picking and choosing all the best Beautiful Star performances for you. Sure, go ahead: thank me. Send flowers. Whatever. I've already slogged through 10 pages of YouTube and show no sign of slowing down. And no I'm not going to put The Judds up; theirs is the first video that comes up if you go looking, so you don't need to see it here.

Actually that sister of mine won't sing with me unless I'll do it on stage, and I won't, but I keep telling her that if we sang together in our living rooms long enough perhaps one day I'd get all diva-fied and be willing to get up there.

Can't see it. There is no fun in that, and I'm all about the fun.
Now, in the living room is a different story.