Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weekend, What Weekend?

What $185 worth of groceries and $50 worth of wine and beer look like

Who needs a day off, anyway?
I started working shortly after my first cup of coffee and have been at it off and on all day. But mostly on, besides doing dishes a couple times and stopping to make a fried egg sandwich for lunch, and eating sausage & sauerkraut leftovers Scott brought back from his grandma’s for supper.

I worked 8 hours today; more than I do on a regular weekday. Went out for some fresh air but it was cold so I didn’t walk, just took water for the dog and cats out to the heated bowl at the tractor shed, filled a birdfeeder with sunflower seeds, grabbed some meat from the deep freeze in the quonset and came in again.

Tried to get Emil to make cookies with me but he wasn’t interested so I just worked. He was the dj, playing CDs by Jane Siberry and Bruce Cockburn for the two of us to listen to. He loves his music, and moreso when he chooses the playlist and I'll listen with him.

I'm looking forward to Cathy coming out from the city tomorrow but there’s supposed to be a storm in the province this weekend so she may decide to keep off the highway. I’ll have to call her and see what’s happening in the city; it's all clear here so far. Cath, those two bottles of wine are for tomorrow night! Hope you make it.