Friday, July 8, 2016

Soon to Bolt

"I might head back to Kelowna a little earlier than I planned," he said.

It hasn't been ideal golfing weather here — it's been windy and rainy — and since that's Dad's only hobby, life lacks a little something when he can't go for a round or two several times a week.

He organized a wee family reunion for this weekend and figures after that, he'll make his way back to his home in B.C., rather than staying two more weeks to attend the "homecoming" in Quill Lake that was his original intention.

He will have done damn well, I figure, to be here for six weeks! Who wouldn't miss their own nest, no matter how pleasant the place you're visiting?

On Sunday, Emil and I took a drive out to the farm where he's been housesitting.

Emil and his Gramps
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Maggie Turner has left a new comment on your post "Stormin' Stormin' Stormin'": 
I like storms, but there is a point where I cease to enjoy them, when they hit the line between spectacular and the wrath of nature. I envy that you can see them coming from such a distance! My view is such that they are pretty much on top of me before I know they are there. 

They can be breathtakingly beautiful, can't they?

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