Sunday, March 20, 2016


When we arrived at Karen's, we could smell fresh bread the moment we opened the front door.
She had made about a dozen loaves.
I buttered and had two slices down my neck before she got my cup of coffee made.
She had also baked a banana-chiffon cake, and invited us for a spaghetti supper.

I noticed a cute little loaf of bread cooling alongside the others and exclaimed over it. (Apparently I am still a little girl and it was just the right size.)
Turns out she made it for church. It's what they use for communion, instead of wafers.

Joan, on a friend's FB page I saw a picture of the Kelowna landscape and could just about feel it. I actually wished I was there. Who knew! Stranger things have happened.

Someone had driven across the ice on Margo Lake that morning.