Sunday, January 10, 2016

Part Blog, Part Homepage

Oh hell no! I don't read all the blogs listed here every day, that is for sure.  What you are seeing are simply lists of webpages I will revisit. They are here for my own convenience, like "Bookmarks" or "Favourites" on your own computer. I am not recommending them though needless to say if they didn't interest me, they wouldn't be listed here.

In some ways this blog is used as my homepage.  Others may open their browsers and go directly to Yahoo or MSN, for example. Not me. I get news headlines and links in daily digest emails that I've signed up for. Blogs I choose to remember are listed on this page because when their owners post a new entry, the title of the webpage rises to the top. It's handy.

There are many times when I don't go read a blog's latest entry. I lose interest in certain "places" (people? their subjects?) for a while, or am not in the mood for what the writer offers, or I'm just plain elsewhere and will catch up with multiple entries at some later date. I may see that there's been an update but that doesn't mean an automatic visit.

If your blog isn't in one of the lists at all, it could be because you rarely update.
If your blog is there but always at or near the bottom of the list, you haven't updated recently and/or you need to activate your blog's RSS feed.

Among the pages I am likely to read immediately when noticing an update is SUCH FRIENDS, which publishes slice-of-life tidbits from the lives of writers, artists, and others in history. I'm glad to bring it to your attention, but I have no expectation that you will find it as fascinating as I do. We're all so different! Many of my blogging friends are wonderful writers with good minds, and often they recommend others, yet when I follow up, I wonder what the attraction is. My friends and I have many tastes in common, and just as many not. And that's exactly as it should be.