Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lamb's Ears

Lamb's ear

Would you like some for your garden or flower bed? It's tough as nails, it quickly spreads all over the place (even into your lawn), and seems impossible to eradicate.
On the other hand, those fuzzy leaves really are as soft as lamb's ears. And the silvery foliage does look lovely in the moonlight.
If you have an area that needs ground cover, or filled in, this could be just the ticket.
Come out to my place. Bring a pail or a box. I'll supply the shovel. Ann? Cara? Julie? Anyone?

Here's how my day's going to go, when I get out of this housecoat:
If it's not too hot yet, I'll get my walk out of the way first. Dad will be here at 11, hoping for lunch before he leaves to catch his plane in Saskatoon.
My old friend Joanne (I like to say that old boyfriends were in my life only to bring me long friendships with their sisters) will be here later today, picking up her very old dog, Ebony, from her ex's in a nearby town so we can take her to our outstanding local vet for treatment of severe ear infection tomorrow morning. We are hoping the vet won't suggest putting her "down."
Scott has been doing laundry at his folks' place a mile down the road, and hopes I'll remember to go get something out of the dryer.
Emil wants to see Joanne, but after supper would like to be driven back to the group home in town because Joanne will need the guest bed here and Emil doesn't want to sleep on the couch. Fussy that way.
And dishes. Sigh. I miss Everett. :)