Thursday, August 16, 2012


All over the roadsides is goldenrod, another useful plant

It seems we are now at the top of that slippery slope that slides into fall.
The air dipped to 5C overnight. A freeze cannot be far behind.
There have been predictions of warm temperatures for the weekend though, so we can hope for a reprieve. After all, it is only the middle of August. Surely the weather gods wouldn't be so cruel as to cut summer off at the thighs. With a hacksaw.

Once again the wheels of gainful employment are back in motion here in my office. Life returns to "normal," which means setting the stove timer to go off after each office hour so that I have to get up to turn it off, thus getting some blood to my ass.

The sun is shining, and that's the main thing. Everett caught a ride with his uncle back to Edmonton, so the house is all mine during the day again. Scott has just been in to make a brunch of fried eggs and toast after spending the morning tending to farm business. As far as I know. Who can keep track of that whirlwind?