Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Working Today

The up-side of not having a farm dog or a barn cat is that you see more rabbits in your yard, and the birds have a better chance of survival.

We know we have to get a couple cats, otherwise we'll be overrun by rodents, or our outbuildings will. They are already making nests in the quonset where Scott keeps his construction tools, his grain truck, the riding mower, and so on. That's probably unavoidable, but a cat in the territory tends to decimate their numbers considerably. 

We've been putting off getting the cats in order to give the baby bunnies and the baby ruffed grouse a chance, but yesterday I saw something just outside the back door that made me get on the horn and call the man who is going to give us barn cats. 

It's something we've never seen in this yard: a squirrel. Scott saw one down the road about a week ago and figured it might make it as far as our place, and apparently it has. 
With luck, it will move out when the cats move in. 

Next we'll have to think about giving a farm dog a home. 
It's been nice to be without one;  nice to see the rabbits eating the dandelions (see below) even though I've been worried they'd get to my flowers eventually. 

But one day Scott saw a big coyote stroll through the yard. We watch our little Ducky Doodle closely when he's outside. We go out with him! You'd think he was a toddler. 

A barking dog will warn off the coyotes and foxes. Not completely, mind you. They'll still sneak around. That's probably what took our last barn cat. But a territorial dog gives the cats a better chance at survival, and with luck will scare off skunks and raccoons somewhat, and maybe keep deer out of the garden and flowers. 

We shall see.

Helping Scott with the dandelions.
Friday's the Canada Day holiday, so I am working today. Off I go!

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Teresa has left a new comment on your post "Rainy Weekend": 
Your post brought back memories of when dad thought this was a great way to wake us up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBQWsBiM5YY 

Maybe I have no business complaining. I used to wake up my boychiks with a song: 
"It's time to get up! It's time to get UP!
We're all in our places
With sunshiny faces
This is the WAY 
to start
a new DAY!"
Oh for the good old days when the kids lived at home. Not that I'd go back to them. But they were among the best days of my life. I'm sure, however they wake up now, they prefer it. Yet when I'm dead they'll have a few fond memories, and the morning song might be one.

Lorna has left a new comment on your post "Rainy Weekend": 
Personally, and neutrally, I think the positives outweigh the hollering, but I wasn't there. 

I agree, although it's in my nature to shoot for perfection.