Saturday, December 5, 2015

Not a Stay-at-Home Day

Since Shelly left on Wednesday morning, I have cooked nothing but leftovers and done no dishes whatsoever but for rinsing out a mug this morning to pour my coffee into.

I guess today's the day. But there are better things to do! Emil's going with his group home folks to the Christmas bazaar in Margo (my home town)(have I told you that before? only 1000 times), where Karen has a table selling lefse and cheese buns (she is famous for her baking) and stained glass. I'll meet him there and we plan to drive out to the farm to see Uncle Neil, as Emil reminds me that we haven't seen him since August. How that can be, I don't know. It's a time thing that is beyond me.  Where it goes, nobody knows.

Last weekend when we dropped in on Everett, Shelly took an interest in the videogame he was playing when we got there. He was pleased to give her a crack at it.