Thursday, October 21, 2010

Anglican Church

Wadena's Anglican church from the stage

Another photo lifted from Doc MacLean's webpage, which he has recently updated with snapshots taken on his cross-country jaunt.
We keep forgetting, when we attend concerts in this church, to take along some cushions for our butts. Those pews are not remotely comfortable.
But the acoustics in there ... nice. No sound system required.


Just got a call from Scott, requesting that I join him in town for lunch. What he really wants is his receipt book so he can bill a client for completed work, but I'm to be rewarded for taking it in.


Reply to Comments
Things are looking up in the group home where Emil lives. He is no longer talking about moving home, as the problem they were dealing with seems to have been solved. As a matter of fact, I can't (without applying pressure; but why do that) get Emil to come home here for even an hour on a weekend afternoon; he prefers to be there. He doesn't want to miss anything. Although when his dad, Gord, was out last weekend for a visit, Emil came here with him a couple times and stayed several hours and said "You're happy I came to visit, right Mom?"
I spoke to a new grouphome supervisor by phone last night, while Emil was gone bowling. She said "He is sweet." How fortunate we are that he weasels his way into the hearts of everyone who works with him.