Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Hodge Podge

We got only a few drops of rain, but 15 miles away they got a half-inch.

The power went off moments after the stove timer warned me it was about to ding because my bread dough had been kneaded almost 15 minutes. Whew! Perfect timing. And it only stayed off half an hour, so there was no problem baking the six lovely loaves by the time they were risen and ready nearly three hours later.

The wind was cold. I felt sorry for the flowers and didn't spend much time outside, myself. Indoors, I did unpack and put away several more boxes of kitchen stuff. Shouldn't be long before the door and drawer handles arrive and I can function in there without being so careful where my fingers go (so as not to damage the finish on the wood).

Still smoky. The sun appeared pink-red later, but this doesn't show with my camera.

Out walking anyway.

The neighbours' kids
And back to the office I go; the work week begins.

But first: oatmeal porridge and a second mug of coffee, a TAROT CARD draw, some tooth-brushing, and oh — clothes. Clothing is always good. Then to the car I must haul a stack of books to return to the library, two empty water jugs to refill, a sleeping bag for Emil (who is off to Camp Easter Seal tomorrow morning so tonight after work I'll help him pack), five loaves of bread for Everett (who pays me for them, by the way) and my purse that is goddamn heavy no matter what I take out of it to lighten the load. And last but not least, a title for this entry. Hm. What shall it be?