Tuesday, April 24, 2012


A pair of Canada geese south of the barn

Yesterday I went for a walk in such glorious weather that I felt perfectly, perfectly content — the warmth on my face, the smell of spring breezes, the bird calls—yes, it did, as always, make me sing.
And yesterday my gardening began. I moved seven shovelsful of oriental poppies from the back yard to the front. Then made myself stop.
Today I'll move 10 painted daisies.
It was cool and windy when I carried my coffee onto the step, so I didn't stay out there.

Karen's birthday.
I've no gift; shopped and failed to find the perfect thing.
For now, I've sent her a birthday "tarot" card.
Did call her though; she was off to find a dog and/or the things the dog dragged along when it escaped its strictures. (Dog needs new home; gorgeous two-year-old rottweiler, Dahlia. You interested?).
I'd go to town, buy flowers, and go visit, but have pressing work to do and will be searching the internet, sending emails and making phone calls in an effort to meet a deadline; her kids and grandkids are taking pizza and cake over for supper.
At our age, that's enough to pack into one day.
I was reading Jacob's Room, one of Virginia Woolf's early novels, and she describes a 50-year-old woman as "elderly." Whoa! VW was in her mid-thirties when she wrote the book; one must take that into consideration I suppose.

Smoothie Perfection: 
Orange juice, plain yogurt, strawberries, ½ banana, 1 apple.
Been adding too much stuff lately; left the avocado, spinach and blueberries out this time. Perhaps another smoothie later in the day will give me a chance to use them. This is divine!