Monday, October 3, 2011

Quick 'n' Dirty

It takes concentration to mow the lawn for the last time in the season.
Still no siding on the shack, but at least our minds are finally made up about the colour. It will be a pale yellow. That is, if we get it purchased before we change our minds again.

Well peeps, I was just about to climb into bed to read when I remembered no entry had yet been made today. So I'll carry on in that ever-so-pleasurable direction, and leave you with links to some other webpages worth reading.

Joanne at Trinkets and Tales is new to blogging, and has posted a poem about the changing landscape of Saskatchewan due to the re-watering of the province. You can read it here, and when you do, leave her a comment for encouragement. We all like to know someone is reading.

On the other end of the country, Shifting Landscapes is an entry about long friendships and how they are nourished and maintained— if and when they are. We aren't all good at keeping the lines of communication open, but it's usually worth it when we do.