Monday, May 11, 2015

Assholes, We've Got 'Em Here Too

It's cold — seriously cold, snow-wouldn't-surprise-me cold — but the leaves are coming out anyway.
The frogs are singing again.
And the birdage!

On my walks, I notice the beer cans that drinking and driving assholes have tossed out their windows, and tell myself I must remember to carry a shopping bag next time, and gloves, to pick them up. Last weekend I filled a bag so full of cans and bottles that I had to drop it off at home halfway through my walk, because it was so heavy. I got them all. But this weekend there are a few more in the ditch; also some dork threw out a foot-long metal pipe, and a grocery bag of actual garbage. Today someone threw a litre pop bottle on the road. People are disgusting, particularly when they know better than to be pigs. Or no ... obviously they don't. Swine.

Better to dwell on the beauty:

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