Monday, May 12, 2014

Tea-Drinkin' Witches

Best wary of people, but makes me sad all the same

My day so far:
*four hours uploading pics and articles to Wadena News
*a walk in the cool grey breeze with the doodling dogs
*spellchecking, space-checking, changing font and size, saving and printing Uncle Carl’s chapters to be read on the page
*one load laundry in washer, one in dryer
I still have to do dishes; they haven’t all been washed at one time for an entire week. Been working at ‘em in fits and starts.
Simmering roast chicken bones all day; took frozen beans and rice out to thaw, will throw ‘em into broth for soup.
But at least there’s a cup of tea in hand; didn’t stop and take a do-nothing tea break this afternoon, though. Tsk. Know I should.

OK, gonna.