Saturday, March 16, 2013

Things My Memory Forgot

Fri night, in PJ's on bed, reading Grade 12 journal from back in the day:

• boring stuff (now) about boys
• I see I never stayed home
• I see I said I was depressed
• I worried about not having enough money
• I wanted to get good marks
• I was smoking pot with my friends
• I seemed to seriously consider going into law (why? I wonder now. I don't recall having any actual interest in the law)

I took my Gr12 while living in the girls' dormitory at Luther College in Regina. When I was there for Gr10, my dorm neighbour and good friend was Cathy Ritchie. I see from the journal that she visited me there after she graduated, and so I text her about it:

Cath: Don't remember that.
Me: Me neither but apparently your visit made me happy.
Cath: I'm sure it made me happy too. Some things never change.

Reprinted from Facebook