Saturday, March 30, 2013

Much to Be Thankful For

Jolene's sister Heather's baby was due, and late, so her doctor was going to induce her at the Yorkton Hospital. After making the two-hour (or so) drive there on Thursday morning (Mom's birthday; we thought that would've been nice), the hospital turned her away. They had no beds. 

Meanwhile, Jolene was languishing impatiently in a hospital bed in Regina, where she'd been sent by bumpy ambulance so that a specialist could look at her broken foot and do surgery. He decided there is nothing to be done; they put her through that torturous trip for nothing. But there was still no bed for her in Yorkton till yesterday. 

Heather and her husband Lionel had to get up and drive back to the hospital around 2:30 in the morning and when they got there she was already well on her way to delivering her 9 lb, 14 ounce baby girl ... Hailey Jo. Imagine the very different situation the baby came into from the way things would've been if her auntie hadn't made it alive out of the vehicle below.

Jolene, who still has a lot of pain, says it's as well she didn't have any visitors down in Regina because "It's hard to keep up a good front all the time." She sent pictures; all her cuts and bruises are on her legs and internal. In moments of feeling sorry for herself, she says, she looks at the pictures of the vehicle and remembers how lucky she is to be alive.