Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Close-up Coyote

Coyote intent on something in the ditch

Having a leisurely scratch
On my way to town yesterday afternoon I noticed a coyote pouncing on something in the ditch. I stopped the van, grabbed the camera and got out, fully expecting the wild dog to be long gone, as they usually are the moment they notice you. This little one just kept right on with its business, while I stood at the back corner of my noisy (something’s happening with the muffler) van, snapped a couple photos, and then changed the camera setting to video. At this point the creature noticed me, stood and stared back as if seeing me standing there was no shock; this is so unusual that I was prepared to bolt to the driver’s door in case it should approach me. You never know; if wild animals are rabid, they might. After a moment of awe I spoke to it. “Shouldn’t you be running away? Hm?”
It watched me for another moment and then apparently saw the wisdom of my suggestion and sauntered off as I recorded this short video: