Sunday, September 11, 2011

Did You Miss Me?

My internet provider has had an equipment failure that kept me offline since Wednesday afternoon.

Scott thought I might suffer from withdrawal, but surprisingly, I haven't. Complaints would have started tomorrow though, had it continued, because by then I would have run out of work that could be done offline.

Harvest is in full swing out here in sweltering heat. Things are supposed to start cooling down today, which will be fine with me. I've enjoyed the beautiful summer but am looking forward to using the oven again without concern about heating up the house. With its new windows and insulation and doors it stays nice and cool in here, and I like to keep it that way when the heat outside makes me dizzy.

Everett's first full day of classes in Edmonton was Wednesday and he was feeling a bit overwhelmed and tired when we spoke by phone in the evening; I told him to eat something and have a nap, and things would soon look better. Hope that bit of motherly advice helped. Well, isn't it true that when your kid is cranky, he usually needs food and sleep? And this fact doesn't change much throughout life, either. Thank goodness Everett's well past needing a diaper change.

Speaking of mothers ... we have a new baby in the family. My cousin Nathan's wife Jacquie gave birth to a little boy so Aunt Reta and Uncle Carl are celebrating down in Phoenix.

And speaking of mothers yet again, my mother's cousin Judy (thanks for making me shed tears first thing in the morning, missy!) sent me the video below. I love the way this performer loves and appreciates his mother ... and does he not have the most beautiful, glowing face?

I have been hoping and praying that the three-year-old boy abducted in BC several days ago would be safely returned to his mother and dad, so was relieved this morning to hear on the radio that he's home safe and sound.

And now I'm off to upload Joanne's blog entries.