Saturday, May 28, 2016

Looking Back to 2004

It's been 11 years since Mom passed and I haven't really been able to dip back into the old journals, either online or handwritten. They have the power to take me to a shitty place. But since posting that link yesterday I followed up with a bit of reading last night and this morning and have had a few good laughs ... mostly at Everett's expense. He was a funny little guy back then and he's a funny big guy now.

One good reason to keep journals is that one forgets the many amusing and/or sweet things said and done by one's children, otherwise. But once written down, the memories can be triggered. It's so worth it.

Cattle on our "hill."
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Magpies, for me, are always associated with silver; Ottawa has a couple of stores full of lovely silver jewellery, which in my dotage I have learned to avoid. 

Hm! That's an unexpected connection. Will we ever hear the story behind it?

I blogged all through my mom's ovarian cancer diagnosis, treatment and eventual death. It was over teo blogs and then I started my current blog because, well, I don't know why. Just too much sadness connected with it all. She died 4 years ago in September and I will never, ever get used to her not being her. I have just learned a different way of living. 

The last thing mothers want is for their children to be defeated by their passing. That doesn't take the ache away though, does it.