Tuesday, September 27, 2016

22 Questions for Mr. Lakusta

hi Dennis How are you doing? I would like to see you again sometime. Are you still sick or are you all better now? What kinds of foods do you like to eat? Do you think you would ever want to write a song called Godzilla? Do you ride horses? How was your summer? Do you have a new car yet? Have you writtin any new songs now a days? Do you like to go shopping? I am 28 now. What do you like to do at home during the day? Did you write that new song called Emil goes to camp easter seal yet? Do you like to go swimming? I am going on a trip in the new year. Do you have any girl friends or boy friends? I am at my moms place this weekend. Do you like cats or dogs? Do you like to do lots of shopping? What songs do like to sing now? I went to camp easter seal this year. Do you like to go to the mall sometimes? How much do you like to go out and play at concerts? What all did you do today? What do you like to do for christmas? Do you think you would ever want to write a song called The forest? I went for a horse ride at camp easter seal this year and it was a long ride. Do you think you would ever want to write a song called horses?

from Emil

I had second thoughts about posting the email above, as I don't want to disrespect my boy's privacy or have it seem like I am laughing at him. But I do want to share his earnestness with you, as well as his excellent spelling skills, which are better than those of quite a number of people who submit stuff to the newspaper. There was only one word he asked me about; is it spelled "cald" or what? he wanted to know.

On Friday when I picked him up he was considering writing the above email, and wondered if Dennis would appreciate a "really long" one. On Saturday he decided he'd sit down and tap it out on the keyboard the next day, and on Sunday he occupied this chair for at least an hour while he interrogated Dennis. He was pleased to think that Dennis would be happy to receive this lengthy missive.

So ... I only forwarded the email to immediate family members, who would hear Emil's voice when they read it. My sister Joan responded with "Omg! I'm laughing out loud. Emil is great! I sooooo wish Benny could talk !!! Ahhhhh, o needed that. Thx:) " Which reinforced my original notion that it would be okay to post the letter. I didn't ask Emil's permission, but I know he'd give it.

(For those who don't know my son Emil: he was a 10-weeks-premature baby who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when he was 18 months old. The consequent developmental delays have, supposedly, left him with the intellectual capacity of a six-year-old. However, I find he has wisdom well beyond that age and is much cleverer than he is given credit for.)

Oversized and imperfectly shaped 2-hour buns, but delicious (if I say so myself).