Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Who Calls?

My hair appointment is at 10:30, and since I like to have at least two hours in the morning before having to go anywhere, I set the bedside alarm to come on at 8. The alarm, that is, not the radio, because I will just listen to the radio and doze off again, whereas the alarm beeping will annoy me enough to sit up and turn it off.

As I set the alarm, I think to myself, “I would like to wake up on my own, shortly before the alarm goes, so I won’t be jarred out of sleep by it.”

And donchaknow, at about 10 to eight I’m awakened by a male voice calling, “Kathy!”

It is an unfamiliar voice, but real enough that I put on my housecoat and go to the door, then through it, to see if anyone is there.

All I find are the busy birds, and the old dog, Jenna, who stirs from her rest when she hears my footstep in the porch.