Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Guitars and Grandma

Glen in his workshop

Scott and I picked Aunt Reta up in the city on Sunday. She stays with her friends Glen and Janet when she's there, and on Sunday Glen gave us a little tour of his guitar-making factory, which is in their backyard. He has himself engineered and built most of the machines used to make his Fury guitars. Scott was quite fascinated and we will have to go back again so he can get his fill; as it was we wanted to get back home so Reta could see Grandma. Scott had a million questions and was obviously curious about the details as Glen showed him how the instruments are made.

Grandma's condition hasn't changed since she had her stroke on Thursday night. She is eating and drinking virtually nothing, and has not been put on any life support system. She seems comfortable, is unable to move or talk, is mostly asleep, and doesn't seem to recognize anyone when she does the odd time open her eyes. Unless there is some miraculous recovery, it is only a matter of time now.