Saturday, July 9, 2016

Family Visit

My aunt and uncle arrived from Phoenix on Wednesday evening. They'd flown into Saskatoon at 1:30 a.m. Tuesday, stayed with friends in the city, then hopped a bus to Wadena. 

Scott and I both had to work the next day, but before he left he went out to the deep freeze and brought in a beef roast, some ground beef, and some other piece of dead animal to thaw. When we arrived home at suppertime, Aunt Reta had prepared meatballs and gravy. Upon request I'd stopped at the store to buy white rice, so Reta got that cooking while Uncle Carl and I drove over to my mother-in-law's to pick some salad greens from her garden. 

They'd spent the day recuperating from the travel and the late night in Saskatoon, where their friends are night owls — awake and working (he builds Fury electric guitars in his workshop behind their house) through the wee hours and sleeping part of the day. 

Yesterday I left my car at home so Reta and Carl wouldn't be stuck here, but they stayed put anyway, having baths, reading, and making a supper of roast beef, boiled potatoes, carrots, beets and tossed salad.

 I was late getting home (press day for the newspaper, another 10-hour stint) and missed the meal, but was reminded about leftover meatballs in the fridge and did a happy dance before warming them up with a bit of leftover rice. Woo hoo! Love meatballs.  

This morning Scott, Reta and Carl were drinking coffee at the kitchen table when I woke up. One of the nice things about this kind of company is that they aren't bored by simply "being." They seem content to ... well ... have a look:

Doing a crossword puzzle
Copying out a recipe for homemade chocolates

Reta says I should post this picture so people can see what curlers look like, since hardly anyone uses them anymore. 

We have a family wiener roast at Karen's this afternoon but right now I am still in my housecoat, Scott is snoozing, and Emil is brushing his teeth in the bathroom. Carl and I did the breakfast dishes already and I ground coffee beans to do for the next few days; Scott doesn't like to make noise since Carl sleeps a little bit later than he and Reta.

This weekend my brother Cameron is expected from Edmonton and my sister Joan from Kelowna with her hubby and two kids. I hear one of Scott's nephews is coming down from the Flin Flon area. Should be lots of visiting.

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Annette Erickson has left a new comment on your post "Soon to Bolt": 
Can't say I blame him either. Not that I like golf but after a while it's always nice to go back home. Your dad and Emil look good! 

Plus he's visited all his friends out here at least once ... he's made his rounds!

Maggie Turner has left a new comment on your post "Solving the Problems of the World": 
Maybe being on early in the morning is something related to growing up on a farm? I do it, my sister does it, my brothers do it, we are all guilty of swinging our feet from the bed to the floor every morning in full gear, ready to discuss anything, and looking for anyone awake enough to engage. 

That could be it. He probably was up doing chores every morning before school; they had dairy cows.

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