Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Chez nous, woo hoo!

After lugging bags into the house and watering flowers in pots and the perennial beds, I sat down on the back step for a glass of chilled white wine.

As much as I loved spending time with my dear friends, it is a pleasure to come home and be greeted by colour, scent and beauty.

Not that my friends aren't colourful, beautiful and sweet-scented.

I dropped Emil off in town and met Scott going in as I was coming out. He was picking up parts for a haying machine and hadn't been able to reach me by cellphone when I was still in town. Naturally. I'd run into a store to buy a new comforter for Emil, and left the phone in the car. Apparently I need one built into my ear if I hope to catch all calls.

Dropped and smashed the front of my "toughest smartphone ever" on Saturday morning on the pavement of Cathy's driveway before we left Saskatoon. The battery is no good anyway and getting a replacement has been a hassle so far. Time for a new toy? Rzzzl Frrzzzl Grrrrr. I don't like expensive shit that doesn't last two years.

I have ordered takeout pizza and Greek ribs from a restaurant in town and am looking forward to Scott getting home with it.

Guess I should clean off this table: