Monday, September 17, 2012

The Hard Life of a Holidayer

Holidaying is hard work. 

Gunnar, our eldest boy (Scott's son), arrived from Calgary around suppertime yesterday with his girlfriend Melissa.

They didn't sleep all afternoon; just a catnap.

I was busy chatting with my server's tech support guy because, as seems to happen so often with computers, all of a sudden everything goes to the dogs and you wonder why and it takes a while to figure out the fix. I  had to call twice and bet it wasted two hours of my working day. So here it is, almost 10 p.m., and I've just finished my work for the night.

Scott and Co. took supper to his grandma in Kelvington and I stayed here to make up my hours. Next: whip through the kitchen so I don't wake to a mess in the morning. And when they get back, I'm betting it will be movie time.

I'm told that at 6:30 this morning there was heavy frost on the ground. By the time I dragged my sorry ass out of bed around two hours later, none of it was visible. Most of my flowers still look perky. But it's been cold out there. I went and fed the cats, and that was the extent of outdoorsing, for me.

Tomorrow, a three-mile walk.