Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cool windy days are not to my liking but I walked anyway.  That was yesterday afternoon. Today the sun is trying valiantly to cut its way through the grey.

Joanne has managed to get her email working from the lodge in Canora so has sent a brief blog entry for her page, Out Margo Way. I hope she ends up closer so we don't have to change the name to Out Canora Way. Heh.

I've stopped to see her twice — once at the hospital, and once at the nursing home, where she's been settling in for several weeks. She is the spring chicken there. (BTW Joanne, I told Dad about your acquaintance saying she is Mr and Mrs Foste's daughter. He asked, Is her name Ann? Then he went to school with her.)

Speaking of Dad, he texted this morning that he's on his way to Osoyoos for a day of golfing. Ah the life o' Reilly that he leads as a retiree.