Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Coffee and Croissant

Emil's ears still feel "plugged," though his actual hearing is unaffected.
They have felt this way since October 2011.
They have been cleaned by doctors. He has visited an ear/nose/throat specialist. He's seen a dentist. He's seen a medical intuitive. He's had therapeutic massage (not enough yet). And today we were going to head off to Yorkton to see an acupuncturist.
But I decided that first, he should visit a relatively new clinic in town that offers shiatsu. That's acupuncture without the needles, isn't it?
This morning I phoned to cancel today's appointment in Yorkton, and that was lucky because it was for tomorrow anyway. I believed neither Emil nor Scott completely, mind you, when they both insisted I'd told them the appointment was today instead of tomorrow. On the calendar, I had it written into the square for Wednesday the 21st— last week. Go figure.

Emil was looking forward to spending the day together so I picked him up after lunch, even though his appointment for shiatsu isn't till Thursday afternoon. We stopped in at the clinic to do a quick "reconnaissance" and then picked our way over the icy sidewalk to the bakery a couple doors down.

I was going to have some dainty little delicacy with my coffee, but when Emil chose the cream-filled croissant, I thought What the Hell.  You only live once that I'm sure of.