Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tip for Traveler's Stomach

Barbara and Deb
These two bosom buddies joined the blogging world with a bang about two years ago and have never looked back. I discovered their first entry when Deb's husband posted a link on his Facebook page, and because of their open-hearted warmth and graciousness I've never missed a posting since. When I went to Toronto in May, they made the trek across the city to have coffee with me in an extremely busy mall near the hotel I stayed in. From the very first moment it felt like I'd known them forever. They are both real sweetie-pies, right to the bone.

Barbara and her husband just returned from a trip to Paris and she's shared the experience over several entries on the gals' blog, The Middle Ages. She's also provided a little tip that the travellers among you might be glad to have:

"Traveler’s stomach can get you anywhere, even in Paris. We didn’t suffer from it, but Stefanie has. This could be due to anything from food poisoning to the different bacteria in the water and food to germs from the plane trip over. Buy digestible Peppermint Oil at a health food store and take it twice a day according to instructions (or if you feel unwell). It is absolutely miraculous—if you are a bit nauseous, I swear you will feel better in about 10 minutes!"


Back home on the farm, we've got a couple inches of snow on the ground and the forecast is for freezing rain tomorrow. The weather seems mild now; water was coming off the roof of the house yesterday.

I've been busy working this weekend, banking hours against my trip to Saskatoon next week when I take Emil to meet his dad for the Neil Young concert they're going to. Last night (while washing roma tomatoes from Brendalyn's garden, picked by my sis Karen: thank you, ladies; the aroma of salsa is perfuming the air as we speak), stood at the countertop slicing and chopping, I was listening to Randy Bachman's CBC radio show Vinyl Tap. He said, "If you want to meet a performer, go to the venue in the afternoon when they're doing soundcheck; there's no security there at that time to keep you away." I thought Oh Randy, don't tell me that! It's not that I want to meet Neil Young, but what a thrill it would be for Emil, and if I was a nice, selfless mother ... but I'm not, so there you go.

I'm working again this afternoon but may make chocolate-chip bran muffins too; got a hankerin' for them and they stand in well for breakfast, lunch and snacks when I'm here alone during the day.