Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Evening Out

Carsten, Clover, and Cookie have lost their mittens?

Just as I was reminding myself to pick a warmish day and get out there to water-in my perennials  (which won't die; their foliage remains green as can be) for winter, the wee hours of the morning brought rain. And more rain. And rain rain rain. It's been raining all day. This is good. Not that I've been out in it. Spent the day at the computer instead, working.

But I do have to go in 15 minutes, as we're heading to town to pick Emil up and attend a house concert. Doc MacLean and Morgan Davis are on their "Blues Emergency Tour"  (where does Doc come up with these handles? he is a natural promoter) and performing in the Anglican church at 7:30.

Scott is reminding me to get ready. Are you ready? Don't you have to do anything to get ready? He's just out of the tub and putting on clean clothes. Me, I was born ready. Heh. OK, I will brush my teeth and shove some cash into my pocket.

The three remaining kittens ventured all the way to the house yesterday, and the dogs didn't do their job and chase them off. Damn dogs. They'll chase when you don't want them to, though.

Best go make sure nothing green or fuzzy is hanging from my teef.