Thursday, November 10, 2016


I was getting ready to go for a walk when I stepped into the porch and a spider on a long web was hanging there in front of my nose.“I don’t think I want you in my house,” I said. “I’m going to put you outside. Sorry, buddy.” 
It's cold out, is why I'm apologizing.
I got a glass from the cupboard and a postcard wedding-invitation off the fridge, slapped one on each side of the insect, and released it on the railing of the step.
Scott’s truck had come roaring into the yard a minute earlier and parked on the other side of the Quonset while he got something from another building. I meant to stroll over for a word, but while returning the glass and the postcard to the kitchen I saw the truck speed out the driveway.
“He’s a man on a mission!” I said out loud to myself. “Oh yes he is!”
That's not a bad thing, for sure, but it does suck to be always in a hurry. 
When I catch myself that way while mixing ingredients for cookies or doing any number of errands that aren’t pressing, I deliberately slow down. 
I catch myself rushing, and I take a breath and remember that the next thing is not more important than this thing in front of me. Why stress myself by acting like I'm late for a fire? 
Why think about the next thing I want to do instead of what I’m doing right now? I've become more conscious of the fact that it is only a habit and not a helpful one.
My natural inclination (sometimes it almost seems like an OCD trait) is toward efficiency in movement and energy use. I'm learning that speedery (my blog, can make up words, remember) doesn't necessarily serve me well.

What I think is verbal abuse, others sometimes call simply crankiness, bad manners, immaturity, frustration, anger. I used to think that’s all it was, too — the unfortunate acting-out of the unenlightened who are short on self-control.
Recently at the recycling depot I read a sign on the wall:
Verbal Abuse Will Not Be Tolerated:
-No Yelling
-No Swearing
-No Insults
and I forget what the fourth item was. No Spitting? Though that doesn’t really fit.
It’s well past time our society started calling a spade a spade. Clearly I’m not alone in refusing to accept the above three behaviours as no more than shocking disappointments or poor communication skills. They are verbal abuse. Putting this label on them is an important step in seeing them for what they are. Before you've done that, you're just making excuses for attack-verbiage. "That's just how men are. They're different from us women. Boys will be boys," and so on. Baloney. 
Was I verbally abusing DT supporters in my post yesterday? Whoopsie daisy.

Don't you hate dreams where you've killed someone, hidden the body, and are spending the rest of your life worrying about being caught?
I had one of those last night and had to keep semi-waking to remind myself that it was only a dream and I had nothing to hide. Otherwise my sleep wouldn't be worth shit. And it wasn't anyway.
I'd cut the throat of a man, an acquaintance from my twenties whom I haven't seen since, and buried him in the basement. 
Here's what one dream book says:
"Killing someone may be a sign that you are releasing parts of yourself that aren't necessary in your present evolution; killing off beliefs or behaviors that are no longer needed by you. Do not feel guilty if you have a killing dream; it usually signifies the beginning of a great spurt of self-growth. A positive symbol."
All I knew for sure during that dream was that I would hate to have killed anyone. What a horrible thing to live with.  

Try these: BAKED PARMESAN POTATO HALVES. Everyone loves them. The recipe definitely is a keeper for me.

Click to enlarge. I thought there was only one moose here but saw there were two when they both got up, turned and trotted into the bush. 

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Joan McEwan has left a new comment on your post "Too Too Too Too Too Too Bad": 
I am also flabbergasted! Although, I must say, as I watch and hear more, I do believe that not all that voted for DT can be racist, sexist, uneducated, etc. There are many I think that feel he was their only choice for change from the current state of government- I see the question as not why he was voted in but WHY he was the republican candidate in the first place? As a human being, those who voted DT, can't think he's a honorable, decent person from the way he campaigned. 

... racist, sexist, uneducated, etc. ... maybe each person is not all of these things, but every DT supporter I've heard speak has demonstrated at least one of these characteristics or certain other beliefs that make my skull swivel on its post.
I have not heard every DT supporter speak, so my evidence is anecdotal and I've made a generalization in expressing the way they come across to me. And I've only seen these people on TV or read their rantings, making little to no sense, on FB.  Nevertheless I've yet to hear an intelligent, well-balanced argument for DT being suitable to sit in the president's chair. And then to watch/listen to the man himself during his campaign, well ... what kind of person thinks that man's any better than a monkey? and why should a monkey represent millions of people? 

Teresa has left a new comment on your post "Too Too Too Too Too Too Bad": 
How sad! I'm all for change but progressive and inclusive are paramount. It seems that fear and divisiveness are the future. My house is news junk central, between the American news "all things election" and Al Jazerra "blow them up TV". I'm totally disgusted with the horrible things happening in the world and politics that have created and encouraged it to continue. 
Political promises are the equivalent to the promise of rainbows and unicorns. 

I'm going to avoid the news for a while. I'm sick of it, and particularly this election crap. Everyone is talking now as if they're hopeful DT will turn out to act better/surprise us all in a more decent and reasoned way than we have seen he is capable of. Of course we're all hopeful, but worse than that: after what has happened, we are desperate to believe it's going to be something better than we pretty much know it is. We knew before he was elected that he didn't belong in the running let alone in the White House, and we know it now too.