Friday, July 12, 2013

Living Room

Cathy came out from the city last Sunday and spent the night.

Me to Everett this morning:
So, what do you want to do today? Wanna go anywhere?"

No. Stay home.

Me too.

We had company last night around the time I was dyeing two small loads of clothing via machine (thanks for the tip, Cathy! it was simple and easy and no mess and now seems as if I have four new tops). As we sat at the supper table, there was a loud blast, a flash of light outside, and the power went out. We all ran out to see what happened. A magpie had committed electrical harikari on the power pole and lay dead at its foot. Jenna Doodle, Fearer of Thunder, hasn't been seen since; she vamoosed over to the inlaws' yard a mile away.

Whispy strips of verticalish clouds that floated over and soon beyond are apparently called "mares' tails," and are indicators of rain within 24 hours. We shall see. The sky's clear blue today so it doesn't seem likely. But I did water the flowers last night and this morning, so ... rain wouldn't surprise me either.