Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Purse Talk

Almost any time I don't carry a purse, there will be an item I wish I had with me. It'll be something I couldn't (or forgot to) stuff into a jacket or jeans pocket, like a pen and paper or a tube of lip balm or a pill for migraine or a dental floss stick.

But good purses aren't easy to come by. The best one I own has numerous zippered compartments so that finding small items is conveniently quick. Unfortunately, even empty this purse is weighty because it's leather. It's unwise to hang it on a shoulder in order to free my hands, because it pulls on the muscles and voila, migraine.

Last time I popped in at Emil's place of employment, I moseyed through their secondhand store on my way out and found this dandy little canvas purse with lots of pockets and, being canvas, it's lightweight! as well as having straps that fit my shoulder comfortably when need be but are short enough that they're not flopping around in my way the rest of the time.

New canvas  purse, now in service.