Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dr Who and Videogames and Magpie Thieves

Everett heads for the weed patch, transistor radio in hand.
"Mom! Come and see this," he called from the foot of his bed.

I dried my hands on a tea towel and joined him at the window.

"The magpies are pulling tomatoes off." He pointed at two of them in the garden.

Now we know who's been picking the strawberries.


In the evenings, Everett has been gently guiding me into Dr Who.  We have watched all of the season with Christopher Eccleston (best grin ever) and just finished the second episode with David Tennant as the Doctor. Monstery aliens or fight scenes — yawn — but there's humour and sweetness in the stories and some use of historical figures as the show's protagonists travel in time. I got a kick out of their version of Queen Victoria with bad teeth, which I suppose was common enough back in the day, even for the wealthy and famous.

We are watching the shows together, most evenings; it's that, or he'd like me to play videogames with him. In those I have been totally unable to stir up any enthusiasm, and haven't really given them a college try. Fifteen minutes of making my character drive, shoot, sneak, jump, solve puzzles, collect jewels or clues or energy, etc., and I'm outta there, bored.