Sunday, August 14, 2016

Luther Chicks

"We're in Wadena! How do we get to your place?"

Go straight, I say, then left, then right, then left again, then left one last time into my driveway. Voila, you will be here!

It was a beautiful day so I lit out down the road on foot to meet them, and was about 10 minutes from home when I saw Cathy's car slow for the corner:

I allowed myself to be picked up by these two strangers:

If there is anything better than spending an afternoon with two longtime friends you haven't seen in a long time ... do tell. What is it?

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Early Risers
    1. Combining "early risers and house cleaners" I've been retired a few years now and have enjoyed no pressure waking up around 8:30 am. Once every two weeks the cleaning person comes at 7:30 am. We whine and set the clock for 7:00 am. You'd think it was a really big deal! But then, I think of the alternative.... I actually like early mornings. What happened?
      That's exactly right! Someone is coming over in the morning of a day off or I have to be somewhere, and suddenly it's an appointment I don't much want!
    2. Ralph GoffAugust 11 Those mosquitos really are a curse on our otherwise beautiful summer weather. I guess on the positive side you get extra exercise swinging your arms swatting mosquitos.
      Bastards. On the plus side, I haven't seen a tick for a while.
    3. WisewebwomanAugust 11 I love the photo. Oh boy it now rains on perseid night. I'm finding it so hard to get back into rigorous train. Well any kind of training. Well walking I bow to your superiority.
    4. Three miles first thing in the morning on days off.  If I keep this up I'll be bowing to myself too.
    5. I prefer the early morning walk too. No mosquitoes but tiny little fruit fly type bugs swarming the face and the ears. Terribly annoying. I have fallen in love with wildflowers this summer. Especially the Scottish Thistle, technically a bush but what a beauty. The days are getting shorter at a rapid rate, and we are in the midst of a heatwave 40+. Have a great weekend.
    Scottish thistle! You DO have unusual taste in flowers!

    That is a great picture Kate! I can see why your visitors have no problem taking you as you are. Yours is a wonderful face to have looking at you from across the table! Cheers! Maggie Turner
: )
  1. WisewebwomanAugust 13 Love the pic of you 
    you remind me of another fierce warrior friend of mine. And nothing like good raucous girlie time. Enjoy the hell out of it.
  2. We were fairly well behaved. 
  3. I'd know you anywhere :)
  4. : )
  5. You are pretty:)
    Lucky to have your friends coming to visit - so nice to spend time with old friends ( much like sisters........)
    Miss you guys.
  6. Karen and I will come out before long. She's not ready to commit to a date yet. 
  7. For me with only four days off, it's either rush around catching the earliest flights out and the latest flights home and you're beat and have to go to work the morning after you get home, or it's only two days in Kelowna and you feel gypped! I don't see a perfect solution here ...