Saturday, October 24, 2015

Stoned Outta My Mind

First coffee.
I have ground a bunch of beans so there won’t be a mess every morning for the next few days.
Ducky wanted to go out, but didn’t come when I went to let him back in after only a few minutes. They must be out exploring around the barn and outbuildings. Oh well, I think: let him be a dog. It makes him happy to sniff around out there. I’ll call again in a few minutes. It’s a cool, frosty morning so he won’t want to stay out long.
Our worry about a coyote or fox getting him makes us keep him on a short leash.

Scott’s gone to haul bales or something. Emil’s still asleep. It’s my day to write in the Sister Lines blog; when Karen and I were in Kelowna the three of us discussed ways to keep it going and thought we’d try each taking one day per week. Mine’s Saturday. I wish I could write an entry that was dazzling but that would be a tall order. I’ve just turned the roomba on and closed the office door to keep the noise out.

The amethyst crystal is the only one that isn't from here.

I have never been a rock collector, but in the past few months have begun picking up stones that draw my attention. It started with flat ones when I decided to build a tiny fairy or elf house under the three oak trees; the construction would require walls. I haven't assembled all the pieces yet but in the meantime I have ended up with these stones I'm not willing to part with. 

It occurred to me that maybe one of the flat ones might make a good soap holder, and boy does it ever. You know how you are constantly wiping out soap dishes? How they get watery and sludgy? Not this rock. It actually seems to absorb the moisture from the soap immediately and there is no mess whatsoever. I'm surprised and delighted. Oh the simple solutions to wee daily details!

Alison brought this soap back from her Mediterranean cruise last fall.

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