Thursday, March 10, 2011

Snow is removed from the roof above our bedroom

I was sitting alone in the Good Luck Diner one afternoon and looking out the window saw the head of a man getting out of his vehicle and thought “Dad!” and my heart gave a happy little leap till I remembered he’s in BC.

Yesterday we had a blue sky and glittering snow, today the sky is grey and the air is mild and still. My walks were glorious. I saw a porcupine yesterday, and a white-tailed deer today; both at some distance, but I was thrilled like a little kid anyway. You'd think I never see these creatures or something, but the truth is that the deer are plentiful. I hear they're digging into the farm's hay-bale supply lately; let's hope spring comes soon.

Patiently waiting for spring

Watch the video on Schmutzie's webpage today. It's a talk by a brain scientist who had a stroke. Fascinating.