Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Workin' at Home

What makes a day start out tired? I was up by 7:30 and out the door for a walk after one cup of coffee, but had only gone two miles when I found myself exhausted. Granted, I hadn't eaten anything or taken a water bottle and was a bit sweaty, but it wasn't hot out there. Scott stopped to talk to me on his way to check cattle, and I asked him to drive me home. I don't think I've ever done that before. 

I went on to start a batch of bread (Everett will get five loaves, we'll keep one), throw two loads of laundry in, and spend the day doing newspaper work from my home office. The day was gone before I knew it. There was no time to sit out on the back step and watch the clouds, but during short breaks from the computer I stood out there for a few minutes of fresh air. 

There have been frequent showers, enough to keep farmers out of the fields, and yet my potted plants were parched. I happened to notice and give them a drink. By this time of year I've started ignoring my flowers quite a bit. Shame on me; poor things practically have to fend for themselves lately.

Both these photos were taken at the same time.

Nighty Night.

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I rush around in the morning---got a schedule, things to do, floors to sweep etc. but as I live in a small place, that leaves me hours when I can walk or read or shop or get my temper up on Facebook. On the days Dave works, that rush to leisure is sure to be successful. When he's home we often get sidetracked by things like money and politics. Today he's at work, I'm on my second coffee and planning to troll the internet in hopes of finding ideas about storage in small places. See, it's not that much to be envied. 

It sounds pretty good to me; a nice way to pass the day. 

Things have been full tilt here. Packed up the grand kids and Mom this morning. Home alone after 5 weeks of rotating guests. Looking forward to the calm. Well kinda, have to clean the house first. 

You need to sleep for 20 years!

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