Monday, December 22, 2014

Just Some B.S.

On the afternoon of one of my days off, Scott asked “Have you looked in the mirror today?”
It’s the hair, you see.
I don’t always soak it down if I’m not going anywhere.
It gets rowdy during the night and is hungover all the next day.

Occasionally he will raise an eyebrow and grin at what I am wearing (my "get-up"), but say nothing. (He is slowly catching on to the "good husband" rules.)
That's usually when I'm wearing bright multi-coloured leggings with thick socks, a short polka-dotted skirt, and three layers of tops; something perfectly comfortable for home wear.

On the other hand, he still doesn't tell me if there is something green stuck in my teeth before we leave the house. Hee! So he has a way to go before he gets a Good Hubby Award.

Faye the Fantastic turned this into a nice little arrangement for me before Xmas last year. I can't make a goodlooking bouquet no-how. It's good to have friends with skills.