Friday, September 11, 2015

While I Eat

There is only one way I have time to make a blog entry in the morning before work, and this is it. I know I must eat breakfast, so I make toast. (It's either that, or make toast at work, which I quite often do.) And I upload a photo and write a few words while chewing it. Brilliant, eh? Oh the timesaving multi-tasker that I am!

All these leaves will soon be on the ground.
I saw this on FB and saved it because it's so darn interesting. The musculature of the human face:

When I was in Calgary, a gentleman came across my page about Aunt Alma (see above, Aunt Alma's Yukon) and left a comment. With his permission I will, when I get time as I hope to this weekend, post what he sent along with a photo and two excerpts from a book that was written by a doctor in Mayo who knew Aunt Alma. This is one of those times when I have great appreciation for computers and the internet, if I didn't already, for the connections they make possible.

And now to brush my crumbed teeth and get out the door. It's production day!