Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Quick & Dirty

-thanks to Maggie at Serendipity is Everywhere, for alerting me to this music video

Uh huh, I'm on the go. How come there are still so many "shoulds" in a nice quiet life like mine?
I've been up since Scott brought me a cup of black coffee in bed and asked me to make lunch and supper for him to grab in a hurry while he's in the field this afternoon and evening. Fortunately I didn't have to rack my brain long to come up with something to make; pork chops baked slowly in canned mushroom soup were already in my plan for supper, and we have a giant zucchini on the kitchen counter alongside a big bag of fresh corn on the cob. I've stuck the dead pig in the oven, tidied the kitchen and stacked the dishes, swept the kitchen and living room floors, done my Tibetan Rites, and eaten breakfast. I've washed and dressed, and as soon as this radio program about the invention of the vibrator is over, I'm off for a walk, and then to feed the cats, and then I'll come in and do the neverending dishes, and then ... sit here at my desk and work all afternoon.

It'll be hot out there already (it's 9:45); we're having fantastic sunny warm days, perfect for harvest. Technically it's still summer, but as far as I'm concerned it's fall. The oak leaves have begun to turn colour. There were three sandhill cranes in the swaths south of our yard the other day. I've filled the bird feeders in the yard with black sunflower seeds but the birds haven't rediscovered them yet.

- Barb&Deb posted this on their blog, The Middle Ages.